QGMI Group is committed with your data, that’s why we want you to maintain your confidence by giving you the best possible service.  That’s why we want to explain you what do we do with the information you have provided us. We use Cookies to browser our website.

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are information about users that web servers install in the user’s hard drive to remember them later on. In any case, cookies are cases associated to an anonymous user and their computer, and do not allow web servers to identify any personal data. Cookies cannot damage your device and are very useful to identify and solve errors. Unless you have set up your browser to disable cookies, our systems shall use cookies whenever you visit our website.
You may choose to set up your browser so that you are notified of the reception of cookies and those are prevented to be installed in your hard drive, although that may imply a reduction on the website’s quality of operation.


In case you continue browsing our website, we strongly recommend you to accept the Cookies, as they are necessary to ensure the correct basic functioning of our website.

Disabling and blocking cookies

You are hereby informed that you may block or disable cookies by setting up your browser in such a way that allows rejecting installation of all or some cookies. Almost all browsers allow to notify the presence of cookies or to reject them automatically. If you reject them, you may continue browsing our website, although access to some of its services may be restricted and thus your experience may be more limited.

Withdraw of consent

If you wish to withdraw, at any time, your consent in relation to the Cookies Policy you must delete the cookies stored in your computer device, accessing the setup menu of your internet browser. 

Changes in the Cookies Policy

We may update the Cookies Policy in our website. For this reason, we advise you to review this policy every time you access our website for the purpose of being appropriately informed about the specified cookies used and the reasons why we are using them. This Cookies Policy was last updated in April 2021.


In case you have any question, comment, or suggestions on the Cookies Policy, please write to

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